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Power Backup Systems

A back-up system is a means of storing power to use when you don’t have power(during blackouts). Many homes, offices and industrial plants in Kenya are affected by the unreliable power supply and constant power cuts. Mastervision Technologies will install a power back-up system for you so you can keep your appliances running, keep your family safe by keeping your security lights and fence alarm on during power cuts, continue with your zoom meetings, laptop charging, phone charging to avoid losing any business, continue watching tv and enjoying your entertainment and your kids will happily do their homework without struggling to see their textbook.

Our power back-up solutions are affordable and customizable to suit your needs and fit your operations environment while they help you in:

  • Avoid damages associated with power outages.
  • Keep critical equipment running without interruption.
  • Reduce lost time and save money
Power backup for your home
Power backups systems
Power Backups for your Supermarket or shop
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