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Pabx Telephone Systems Kenya

Looking for reliable Pabx Telephone Systems Kenya? Mastervision Technologies  offers a telephone network that is used, administered, and owned by an organization at affordable prices. Pabx Telephone Systems Kenya allows for a complex web of multiple network connections, facilitating business communications as they grow and adapt. As a result, the system can handle an impressively high volume of incoming and outgoing calls, which can be expanded with additional hardware installations.

Private Branch Exchange is a type of telephone network used by call centres and madium to large companies which connects external and internal network via a switchboard. Our Our IP PHONE Systems enables you to:

  • Record voice call.
  • Call queue.
  • Remote office connectivity.
  • Handle more calls.
Pabx Telephone Systems Kenya
Pabx Telephone Systems Kenya IP phone systems

Private Automatic Branch Exchange  is synonymous with modern-day business telephone systems. It connects external and internal callers to an internal network via a switchboard – without the need for manual operation in the middle, unlike its ancestor PMBX.

PMBX required operators to know exactly which wire should go into which port. Nowadays, of course, you’re more likely to find an operator using buttons and codes to connect calls to the right department.

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