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Electric Fence

At Mastervision Technologies we have a specialized team of professionals whose main job is to ensure your home remain secure all time and keep of intrusions from wild animals , domestic animals and also human beings. Electric fence gives you control over who enters in your compound or farm.

Electric fence Acts as the first line of defense against an intruder at your premises.At Mastervision Technologies we specialise to ensure your security ain’t compromised.

Electric Fence for compounds
Electric fence for homes
Electric Fence for Apartments
Electric Fence for grounds
Electric Fence for rental houses
Electric Fence for farms

Benefits of Electric/Razor Fencing

1. Easier Installation – They are much easier to install as compared to traditional fencing methods and barbed wire fences.
2. Lower Cost – The wire makes the process of fencing much more affordable.
3. Better Safety – Barbed wire is dangerous because it can cause severe harm to any animal that tries to trespass.
4. More Effective – When an animal touches electric fence wire, it receives a short but memorable shock. This trains the animal to stay away from the fence.

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