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Access Control Biometric Systems

Matervision Technologies specialize in the installation of access control biometric systems in kenya and Africa at large. These sytems provide security to your premises by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter a building and when. The access control biometric systems we install will keep your buildings, staff and assets secure. From one door up to hundreds of doors across multiple sites, we have a solution to suit your needs.

access control biometric systems for offices
access control biometric systems for businesses, schools, hotels, homes Security solutions in kenya
access control biometric systems for apartments

We offer quality Biometric Access Control Supply and Installation services in Kenya, in addition to other security products/services. Our line of access devices include RF controls, card readers, RFID, keypads, electric and magnetic locks, Bio-metric Fingerprint Readers, face/facial & card time attendance solution, and a full line of complimentary products to meet your specific requirements.
We are the leading suppliers, dealers and resellers and installers of Access Control System in Nairobi Kenya. We also ship access control equipment to all East African countries, namely Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan and Rwanda

We distribute, supply, resell and install all ZK-Teco Products, in Nairobi Kenya and its environs

Why use an control system instead of keys?

Mechanical keys are the simplest form of physical access control and the method many smaller organisations use. Even for a small company, however, using mechanical keys has several flaws and limitations – especially as an organisation gets bigger. Below are just some of the problems presented by using keys.

  • People lose keys
    If someone loses a key, you need to replace the lock to make sure the lost key can’t be misused. You then need to distribute new keys to everyone who needs access to that door.
  • Keys don’t leave an audit trail
    You can’t see if and when someone’s used a key, so you don’t know who’s entered or at what time.
  • Keys are difficult to manage
    If someone needs to enter many different buildings and rooms, they’ll need a large number of keys, which are inconvenient to carry and use. It can be difficult to remember which key is for which door, but it’s too much of a security risk to label them.
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